4 reasons why Franch Oil NH+ can be a great post-workout pain reliever

We’re past the middle of the year and if you’re still keeping up your new year resolutions of staying fit and hitting the gym regularly, you are familiar with post-workout muscle strains that can be somewhat of a pain.

Franch Oil NH+ multi-purpose healing oil can be an effective and easily accessible remedy that you use before or after a warm shower.

Natural Ingredients

Franch Oil NH+ is made using natural ingredients. The product formulation is based on powerful herbal blends of medicinal plants that have been known for their therapeutic effects.

Castor Oil or Eranda Thaila is the base ingredient in Franch Oil NH Plus. Eranda Thaila pacifies the vata and thus is effective in relieving maximum disorders in the body.

Aloe vera is another herb used in Franch Oil NH+ and contains high anti-inflammatory properties. Historically Aloe vera has been topically used to heal wounds, bruises, tears, pimples etc.

Almond extracts which are another essential ingredient slows down cell degeneration.
A derivative of ancient Indian wisdom, Krishna Tulsi is effective in healing all kinds of microbial infections. Tulsi is also a powerful pain reliever and wound healer with anti-ageing properties.

Lastly, flaxseed oil blended into Franch Oil NH+ aids in relieving inflammations upon topical application.

These ingredients were scientifically blended in the most effective proportions by biochemistry researchers at Madras University to develop Franch Oil NH+ making it one of the most widely popular multi purpose healing oils in the market.

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