One Remedy For 20+ Ailments Enjoy The Threefold Benefits With Franch Oil NH* Plus

Franch Oil NH* Plus

Our very first product, "Franch Oil NH* Plus", was invented in the year 1998, after rigorous bouts of research and testing, and was perfected over time. Thanks to our undying desire in creating products that are versatile and effective.

Franch Oil NH* Plus, is in essence, brewed with the natural Ayurvedic ingredients and rare herb extracts, making it a one-of-a-kind bottle of goodness. It primarily serves as a solution to negate pain and protect your skin.

The unique Ayurvedic formula of Franch Oil NH* Plus is formulated with the goodness Ricinus Cummunis Seed and Root, Krishna Tulsi, Almonds, Kumari Aloe Vera and Flax Seed, and is fortified with all medicinal properties.

Right from joint pain to cracked heels, the versatile and fortified formula of Franch Oil NH* Plus, helps in the treatment of 20+ ailments.


Small Burns and Scalds
Wounds and Abrasions
Menstrual Pain
Stretch Marks
Cracked Lips

Other Applications

Muscular Pain

After Shave Allergy

Skin Problems


Body Heat

Bed Soars

Hair Dye Allergy

External Piles


Abdominal Pain in Children

Sanitary Napkin Itching

Dry Skin