5 Effective Natural Ways to Treat Body Pain

You can heal body pain naturally with some good old home remedies and extra care for your health. Most prescribed drugs help heal the pain but don’t do the job for long-term relief. By practicing the following natural ways, you will observe a significant change in your overall well-being.

Staying Hydrated

Muscle cramping and muscle aches occur with dehydration due to loss of electrolytes. Drinking plenty of water can cause your muscles to get stronger without any pain. Exercising is a must which forces you to drink more water and stay hydrated.

Physical Exercise

Muscle experiences stretching while you are exercising and prevents stiffness. Physical exercises like a 20 mins walk would be sufficient to prevent muscle or body pain.

Food Intake

Foods like almonds and walnuts, rich in Omega fatty acid, prevent muscle fatigue in the body. Food rich in proteins such as egg whites, soy, cottage cheese, and plenty of fruits and vegetables is a must to include in your daily diet to prevent any form of body ache.


Ease any discomfort by applying heat which distracts the brain from pain. Heat also helps in increasing the blood flow to sore muscles and loosening stiff joints.

There are many ways to try heat therapy like:

  • Keeping a hot water bottle in the area where you are experiencing pain
  • Using a gel-filled pad, heated in the microwave
  • Using an electric heating pad on painful areas of your body
  • Taking a hot water bath
  • Dipping your feet in hot water with salt prevents pain in the feet


The most common way to relieve body pain is through a massage. When done well, a massage promotes tissue relaxation, reduces stress, and even helps to reduce nerve compression, thus providing relief from pain. Massage with Franch Oil NH* Plus is especially effective against body pain as the oil has natural healing properties.

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