The Best Winter Skincare Routine for Active Women

A woman of today is always active, juggling between her daily chores and personal and professional life. In winter, natural skincare routines are essential for her to repair and revive the skin from all the dirt and pollutants which she is exposed to throughout the day. During low humidity levels, the sensitive skin is stripped off all the moisture which leads the skin to peel. This is one of the best skincare routines which can be practiced by active women to reduce discomfort in winters.

Protect your skin from water contact

Apply a layer of cleansing oil over the skin before stepping into the bath or shower. It’s important to leave the oil on your skin while you soak or wash, and remove just before you get out. Immediately apply your skincare or body care lotion on to damp skin. This will help retain moisture and leave skin supple.

Avoid hot water baths

With the change in temperature, we all love to take a hot water shower. But this leads to skin allergies and rashes as hot water evaporates fast, stripping your skin of its essential moisture. As a daily routine, moisturise immediately after showering or bathing.

Use a natural moisturizer

A natural moisturizer is the most suitable for winters as it holds moisture in and hydrates the skin’s outer layer. Using an ayurvedic oil like Franch Oil NH* Plus will reduce the chance of the skin lacking moisture and damaging.

Apply a sunscreen every morning

Your mornings are safe in winters with a sunscreen which is equal to or greater than SP 30.

Wear a serum high in vitamin C

With the help of a serum rich in Vit C, you can protect your skin as it helps in the production of collagen and cell turnover.

Apply a honey mask three times a week

A honey face mask has anti-inflammatory properties and gives a smoother, softer skin. Honey also contained essential antioxidants. This should be applied in the evening after removing your makeup. Let the mask be on your face and neck for at least 15 mins and see best results.

Always carry a natural lip balm

Chapped lips become a way of life during extreme winters. By regularly applying a hydrating balm or even a natural oil like Franch Oil NH* Plus can do the trick for you. Franch Oil is for dry skin and with it you stay ahead of the dryness. This oil contains flaxseed oil, aloe vera, almond oil, krishna tulsi extract and ricinus root extract and is rich in Vit E.

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