Top 5 New Year Resolutions for a Healthy Living

The wake of the New Year 2022 reminds us to be more mindful and aware of ourselves and our lifestyles. The most common new year resolution is to start eating a healthy diet. But let us be practical; We all lose track of this resolution after January and get back to what we have always been doing. For this purpose, we must adopt a strategy that personally works for us. Having a resolution is not good enough unless we know how to apply it in life. Let us start making the changes that make us feel good about ourselves in our everyday life. January 2022 is more than just the first month of a new year—it’s a chance to start fresh, rethink your approach to wellness, and imbue your life with a new sense of purpose. Here are some resolutions we must work upon, in 2022, for a healthy year.

Develop a Natural Skincare Routine

A natural skincare routine shows the best results on your skin without side effects. Along with causing a long-lasting outcome on your skin, natural skincare products give you flawless skin and ensure that your skin stays that way. Using natural skin care products is a step in the right direction for all skin types. For combination skin types, harsh ingredients irritate both oily and dry skin. A natural skincare routine will reduce oiliness for oily skin and help reduce the effects of heat, hot showers, arid climates, and harsh soaps that trigger dry skin. One such natural product which can be a part of your natural skin-care routine is Franch Oil NH* Plus, a multipurpose ayurvedic oil with flaxseed oil and organic herbs. Franch Oil NH* Plus is effective on skin with allergies or acne and moisturizes your skin. A natural skincare routine can also help you save money on expensive acne solutions and prevent undesirable side effects like irritation. Take care of your skin naturally by following a skincare routine that gives you flawless skin, in the long run, this new year.

Steps to take care of your skin on a daily basis,

  • Washing your face
  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing

Take Small Steps to be More Active

This is a resolution most of us should take, considering our busy lifestyles. Being active in the day can have tremendous health benefits. These are some of the steps you can take to be more active and keep that as your priority during the day.

  • Take out sometime in the day to get some fresh air by walking outside your home or office.
  • It’s essential to count the steps you take and keep a track of it using a wearable device.
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Step side to side either while watching your favorite show or while talking on the phone.
  • Go on walking dates instead of eating dates.

Adopt a Beginner’s Mindset

Unlearning is the best strategy to learn more and one of the best resolutions you can adopt for this year. All meditation and mindfulness practices also teach the beginner’s mindset. You can achieve this mindset by setting aside all preconceived notions, perceptions, and assumptions which hold you back from growing. A beginner’s mindset means intentionally unlearning something you already know so that you can consider alternate viewpoints, outlooks, and perspectives. Without this mindset, you cannot unlock your hidden potential. This new year, let go of your preconceptions and successfully take on new roles.

Change your Definition of Healthy

As the new year 2022 begins, there is no better time to renew your passion for your wellbeing. The word healthy not only means good physical health, but it means everything from mental health to inner peace, your diet, and a consistent workout routine. We should start with setting realistic goals and be consistent in following them. Small goals like going out for a walk, making anti resolutions, meditating, eating a natural supplement daily that will take care of all your nutrition needs and build your immunity for a stronger future, practicing natural self-care, creating a workout playlist, investing in a light therapy lamp or just looking at the sunlight and increasing the serotonin levels in the brain will help bring a change in your outlook towards health.

Have a Well-Balanced Stress Free Life

In this rapid digital era, we certainly over-commit ourselves to goals that are not easy to attain. We must make sure that we commit to one healthy stress-relieving activity per day. With time being of immense value in our day-to-day life, spending happy time with friends and family relieves us of all the tensions and worries we face. Including fruits and vegetables in your diet and skipping the sweet treats and fried snacks is the best way to be stress-free. For a well-balanced stress-free way of life, we must balance our work and home life and avoid work burnouts. We can also create and use a day-by-day mindfulness calendar that inspires us to bring positivity and find our path towards daily wellness.


These self-care practices help us advance and grow into healthy individuals in mind and body. Starting fresh and then being consistent is always essential for long-term health. So if you find yourself changing and improving by the day, you are doing something right for a healthy living.

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