Understanding Diabetes from an Ayurvedic point of view

Diabetes is an extremely challenging condition to live with. Increased risk of other major diseases, following dietary restrictions, and other effects such as increased thirst and hunger and frequent urination make the life of a diabetic quite stressful and uncomfortable.

Despite billions of dollars being invested annually into research and development, conventional medicine hasn’t found a cure for diabetes yet. Though you can now control sugar levels through medication, there are still several risks and side effects that can affect a patient’s quality of life.
India is expected to be the world’s diabetes capital with more than 140 million patients by 2045 and it is worthwhile to consider the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda as a supplementary course of action to mitigate this endemic.

Ayurveda with a legacy of more than 5000 years offers a holistic & integrative approach to tackling the hazard of Diabetes. Franch Diafite is formulated with rare herbs to help diabetic patients maintain their normal health in all walks of life providing stamina, extra energy and required strength for daily routine work.

It manages blood sugar levels to effectively help diabetes control and provides relief from frequent urination, weakness, numbness, increased thirst, and weak eyesight while improving metabolism.

Ayurvedic healers have understood Diabetes since ancient times. Known as ‘Madhumeha’, it is a metabolic disease resulting from excessive energy intake & lack of expenditure of energy. Belonging to Prameha, a group of diseases of urine, Diabetes is a stage of the disease where tissue depletion has taken place to a great extent; of which tissues – Meda (adipose tissue), Mamsa (skeletal tissue), and Kleda (body fluids).have pre-dominance.
Madhumeha is characterised by the abnormal quality of urine which resembles honey in characteristics.

Ayurveda identifies 4 possible causes for diabetes

1. Aharasambandhi (related to diet)
2. Viharasambandhi (related to lifestyle)
3. Beejadosha (hereditary factors)
4. Manasika Nidana (psychological factors)

Franch Diafite, a herbal remedy designed by our experts takes into account numerous factors in diabetes and gives an integrated solution for managing diabetes.

It not only reduces blood sugar levels but also enhances the level of insulin in the body. It also deals with complications caused due to diabetes.

Disclaimer: Do remember that Franch Diafite is a nutritional supplement and should not replace your existing diabetes medication. Please consult your doctor for effective supplementation.

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